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Hey everyone! Earlier this week I redid the idea of the blog. I sat down with a notebook determined to find some focus for post and I did! so now I’m  running Panda’s Corner! Come check us out


Panda’s Library: Shizzle, Inc. The Review


I finished this book on Friday night and spent the remainder of the weekend pondering my thoughts. So let’s dive on in.

Isa Maxwell is an average busty blond, a recent graduate of a community college, and rap-loving, gun-toting, self-proclaimed badass. More than anything else, Isa wants to be discovered, so that she can solve her financial woes and win back Brad, the love of her life.

Thanks to her clumsiness, street smarts, and unbelievable bit of luck, Isa, lands a dream job at Shizzle, Inc. Things start to look up when Mr. Hue, the playboy billionaire owner of Shizzle, Inc takes Isa under his wing. Isa even gets a number of new love interests, but all is not what it seems. In fact, absolutely nothing is what it seems.

Can Isa survive the tough world of corporate intrigue and constant looming bodily harm? Or will her efforts be the end of Shizzle, Inc and possibly her life?

So overall I feel this is a 3 star novel, for me it started our great and fizzed out at the climactic ending. Overall, the book reminded me of a weirdly catching mash up of 50 Shades of Grey, which I hated, and Devil Wears Prada, which I loved. I greatly enjoyed the characters and how satirical Mr. Hue was compared to your real life cooperate CEO. Her family was hilarious and I think all the energy that came with them made those pages turn faster. The work days were comical as was the shopping trip with the company credit card. But then, we reach the Gala. It feels like Spoke tried to rush a climatic action scene and quite frankly I got lost in it. I feel like everything should have come crashing down on her in time,for example, when the credit bill comes or strategies fail instead of how it was done. Shizzle is a great attempt of a first novel but still has kinks.

Would I read another Isa Maxwell adventure? Yes,because in the parts of the book I enjoyed, I got attached to the character and would like to know what else she can get herself into.


Panda’s Library: Shizzle Inc.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been reading a lot lately. Over the weekend I finished The Gilmore Girls Companion by A.S. Berman which I had been reading since July, yes I’m slightly ashamed. So then I was finally on to the next book on my list.


I came across Shizzle Inc. through WordPress actually. Ms. Ana Spoke began following me after my first post about my very work in progress novel and I checked out her page and learned that shes a self-published author. So I jumped on Amazon and read the description and knew I had to read it. I purchased the book at the end of September and it has sat in my Kindle since. Now, as good as the description was, I was slightly nervous about trying a unheard of author but excited at the same time. Now I am only 3 chapters in, damn life gets in the way of reading all day, but so far I am very pleased and urge my followers to check this out. You can find Shizzle Inc.  on Amazon and Goodreads. Check back for my full review of Shizzle Inc.! 

Happy Reading!

Panda’s Kitchen: Reblogging Joann’s Roasted Chicken Breast

Panda’s Kitchen: Reblogging Joann’s Roasted Chicken Breast

So I came across this recipe and thought “Hey this is something my husband with a taste pallet of a 5 year old may actually likes so about a week ago I attempted this recipe and it was so nice and EASY, which I’m always on the lookout for, If you aren’t following this amazing food blog yet you are missing out

Joann's Food For Thought

Roasted ChickenI’m going to share with you my “go to” chicken recipe. Dress it up with fancy side dishes, and you have a great meal to serve guests. Dress it with simple sides, and you have a great everyday dinner. And whether you are cooking just for yourself or a large dinner party, there is very little to measure. All the magic is done by your oven. Don’t believe me? Just try this. (This recipe can also be used with skinless, boneless breast as well. Just adjust your baking time to 40-45 minutes.)


  • Bone in, skin on chicken breasts (quantity depends on your needs)
  • Sea Salt or Kosher salt
  • Fresh cracked black pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Italian seasoning blend
  • Paprika
  • Lemon juice (squeeze 1/4 lemon wedge per breast)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (2 tablespoons per breast)


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Cover baking pan with foil for easy clean…

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Panda’s Kitchen: Baked Pork chops

So at about 4:10 I realized I was out of one of the key ingredients to my Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops – breadcrumbs. At 50 minutes till the husband came home pork chops was the only meat thawed out so I had to improvise. I went back to how my dad makes pork chops and my husband surprisingly liked it.

Baked Pork Chops
1 package pork chops (I prefer boneless)
Chili powder

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place pork chops in a Pam sprayed 9×13 pan season each side with salt and pepper then put a light coating of chili powder on the top. Seal the pan tightly with aluminum foil , bake for one hour and voilà!



Random food cravings: Fry Sauce

If I didn’t know from first hand experience, on how limited my sex life is with this move and of course, Mila, I’d think I was pregnant again.

Anyway, the past two days I’ve been craving the amazing concoction that is fry sauce, and have made it several times over the past few days, much to my husband’s distaste, he thinks it smells terrible. I thought I first had fry sauce back in 2008 when I went to California and ate at In-N-Out Burger, but I researched fry sauce earlier and its know for its presence in Utah and Oregon, so I don’t know, if I have any West Coast fans, let me know. 

So fry sauce most recipes call for 1 part ketchup to 2 parts mayonnaise but to me that sounded like too much mayonnaise so I did a 1:1 ratio.  


Then stir to mix  


And while I am well aware of how bad processed food is, I’m the mother of a 8 1/2 month old that is very sporadic with her nap lengths so I comitted a culinary sin and baked me some frozen fries. However, since they are frozen, I doctored them up a bit by sprinkling Lawry’s seasoning salt on them and Old Bay. Yes I mixed east and west coast in one meal. My sister lives on the Cheasapeake Bay in Maryland and there is a restaurant in Dunkirk, Maryland that is known for their Bay Fries, which is fries seasoned with Old Bay. Now, my only issue with her and the people she associates with is they think they invented Old Bay and you can’t get it anywhere else in the country but, you can. I grew up with my dad using it to season fish and also as a Cajun seasoning when he was out of the real stuff. 

All in all, Bay Fries and Fry Sauce = the perfect snack or side 

My Favorite Things: How I Met Your Mother

Time for a new segment! My favorite things is where I’ll take a look at my favorite shows or movies as a whole so before you scroll down farther, there will be spoilers!

So, How I Met Your Mother, aired on CBS from 2005-2014 and it was all legend-wait for it-dary, okay except for a large part of season nine when they drug out one weekend over an entire season, but even Scrubs had a bad season 9.

I started watching this show with my husband in college after we started dating. The show was on Christmas break still and we binge watched the show up to the episode where Marshall’s dad died and then watched episodes live on CBS together from that point till the finale last year. Recently I just rewatched the show on Netflix and am currently watching the finale where Ted finally meets “The Mother”. How I Met Your Mother was such an emotional ride for our group of college friends, yes, we all watched. My husband and I were the Marshall and Lily of the group, we even have the adorable how we met story, I’m the girl that met my husband on my first day of college, in my first class. Granted, I didn’t start dating him till the next semester, it’s still when I met him. We had a Ted, who still to this day hasn’t found “the one” during college we had a Robin, a girl that all the guys were crazy about, the only one that we didn’t have was Barney, but I think the Barney character is way to unrealistic to actually happen in real life.

Okay, back to the show. Ted and Robin, love them together! It does upset me that The Mother dies in the end, seriously what the hell writers!? It upsets me that in the original version Ted goes to be with Robin in the end, but everyone deserves to be happy in the end right? I also had hopes that Barney and Robin would work but I do understand how it didn’t work and Marshall and Lily are the new age Romeo and Juliet type lovers. Enough said.

And what’s with draging out the Fourskins Murder Train song. It became a running joke on the music and yes I chuckled Everytime but still.

I also just noticed in this episode that Ted and “The Mother” had kids and pushed off getting married for seven years! So not a Ted characteristic.

And now I’m crying from the scene of Barney holding his daughter, so sweet and made me snuggle my daughter a little tighter.

So all in all, How I Met Your Mother, an epic show that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of